Auto-turning track & pulley system is high products in partition market, its price is expensive. In previous, it only could be used in the height for 6500mm above large partition products. Non-auto-turningtrack & pulley system to be used in the height below 6500mm partition products. Shanghai Andersona Co., is the first to special design & produce medium-type automatic trunig track & pulley system for the height below 6500mm project. Its Andersona Co.’s unique patent, there is no other similar products in the movable partitions field in China market.

Andersona medium-type automatic turning track & pulley system

In conclusion,the advantages of Andersona middle turning track 、pulley system (Hereinafter referred to as the track, the wheel)are specifically described as follows

1、Track material is the Belgian Aliplast’ 6063-T6 aluminum alloy material, in accordance with European DIN StandardAll track intersections adopt 6603T6 aluminum alloy, and casting at one time. ( It’s different from non-auto-turningtrack, their intersections are welding with many aluminum alloy track cutting pieces.) Thus significantly improves the overall performance and load-bearing strength of the tracks, also make the partition running more smooth & no bounce, to guarantee accuracy while producing the tracks, and track appearance is more beautiful & light.

2、Medium-type auto-turningpulley material is all steel, pulley plane processing forming one, without any welding. The track & pulley system is tested rigorous, the maximum loading capacity is up to 8.25 ton ( ≦700mm,single wheel single panel ).The auto-turningtrack guide slide in this track & pulley system, is processing forming one when the intersection is casting, no plug-in.

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