Project Achievements

Schools, hospitals & government agencies:
Project name Type Height Noiseproof Factor Remarks
Shanghai Janan School EN83 3m STC47dB  
Shanghai Oceanography University Sport Center Building A EN93 10.5m STC43dB  
Shanghai Normal University EN65 2.6m STC35dB  
Shanghai Kongjiang Junior High School EN65 2.85m STC35dB  
Jiangsu Serenity Hall EN83 3.5m STC47dB  
Jiangyin Yinghua School EN65 2.7m STC35dB  
Macao School EN83 3.374m STC47dB  
Xiamen university EN93 6.2m STC43dB  
Shanghai People's Congress Training Centre EN65 2.05m STC35dB  
Shanghai Songjiang Party School EN65 3.24m STC35dB  
Shanghai People's Government Taiwan Affairs Office EN65 3.08m STC35dB  
Shanghai Financial & Tax Bureau EN65 2.5m STC35dB  
Shanghai Bureau of State land inspection EN83 2.495m STC43dB  
Shanghai Huajing Community Hall EN65 2.63m STC35dB  
Shanghai East China Bureau EN65 2.44m STC35dB  
Shanghai People's Square police station EN65 2.66m STC35dB  
Shanghai Qingpu Court EN73 4m STC43dB  
Shanghai Police Station Jinan Sub-bureau dining center EN65 3m STC35dB  
Suzhou People's Congress meeting room EN83 3.96m STC43dB  
Xixi Investment Office EN65 2.892m STC35dB  
Nansha government building projects EN65 2.69m STC35dB  
Wuxi City Fire Squadron EN65 2.6m STC35dB  
Wuxi Hubin District Government EN65 3.99m STC35dB  
Wuxi Hubin District Bureau of Quality & Inspection Building EN65 2.9m STC35dB  
Wuxi City Land Resources Bureau EN65 2.38m STC35dB  
Changzhou Municipal government Conference Room EN83 2.6m STC43dB  
Dehong the Public Security Bureau EN73 4.2m STC43dB  
Jiangxi Provincial Government Office EN65 2.77m STC35dB  
Chongqing Trade and Industry Bureau Office Building EN65 2.97m STC35dB  
Guangzhou Nansha District Government building project (Phase II) EN65 2.345m STC35dB  
Guangzhou Reeducation through labor Center EN83 4.045m STC43dB  
Shanghai Children's Hospital EN65 2.892m STC35dB  
Shanghai Shuguang Hospital, Conference Room 11F EN65 2.64m STC35dB  
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