Project Achievements

Museums, sports centers and large venues
Project name Type Height Noiseproof Factor Remarks
Beijing National Fire Museum EN65 3.6m STC35dB  
Zhjiang Museum EN73 4m STC43dB  
Jilin Province Museum EN83 4.5m STC43dB  
Jiangxi Jinggangshan Museum EN65 3.5m STC35dB  
Ningbo Museum EN83 5.5m STC43dB  
Wuxi Museum EN73 4m STC43dB  
Zhejiang Dongyang Museum EN65 3.6m STC35dB  
Shanghai Yuanshen Stadium EN83 3m STC43dB  
Shanghai Changxing Training Center Shooting Range Hall EN73 3.25m STC41dB  
Shanghai Minhang Training Center Shooting Range Hall EN65 2.2m STC35dB  
Shanghai Yangpu Cultural Building EN65 2.805m STC35dB  
Shanghai National Anthem Historical Museum EN65 3m STC35dB  
Shanghai Yangpu Library EN65 2.6m STC35dB  
Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal EN83 3.5m STC43dB  
Kunshan City Square Swimming Pool EN93 7m STC43dB With EN93 turning track
Tianjin Northern Park International Academic Exchange Center EN93 7.8m STC43dB  
Shangdong Dezhou Games Sports Center EN93 12m STC43dB  
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